Make Money with TOOTHPASTE?

OK, so in my last post I stated that so far I have found two ways to make some extra money.

This option is a much more simplistic option than the first one. Literally anyone could do this. It sounds ridiculous, I know (I thought so too).  But let me explain….

This tooth paste if phenomenal. It is an anti plaque tooth paste and also whitens teeth almost instantly. So it basically it sells itself, easily and quickly might I ad. I have friends who are in on this adventure with me and in a matter of two weeks was promoted and now making a lot of money on commissions as well as the selling.

This is how it works… you sign up as a distributer, you pay whole sale price for the tooth paste which is about 8.00 and you sell it for at least 20.00 plus shipping. so you are making about 10.00 a bottle without even looking at commissions. The best part of this is that you collect the buyer’s money through pay pal before you place orders, so the money you are using for the orders is not your money, but the money of the buyer.


The easiest way to sell is over social media. There have been days when i have sold more than 10 bottles in 2 hours. That equals about 100.00 in a 2 hour period. It is definitely possible to make money with this.


If you are interested in becoming a distributor go to this website to sign up (0 Cost to do)

The application asks for a sponsor ID. That ID is US00827371

I hope this is at least a little helpful!

Something Has to Change!

Oh my gosh am I tired of being spread so thin!

As a mother of two, a step mother of one, and a wife to an Active Duty Military member… I am EXHAUSTED.

Trying to manage time to get everything that needs to be done, done is almost impossible so never mind having any time to relax or really be in the moment to watch my kids grow up.

I can’t live like this. I cant. So i have decided to start looking for job opportunities that give me time at home to spend with my family and MYSELF.  Since we, ” Can’t take care of others if we aren’t taking care of ourselves!” Right?

So as i am writing this I have come across two ways that have proven to provide extra money.

The first I would like to talk about is Matt Loyds “My Top Tier Business.” When I looked into this i was skeptical, however in order to get a 21 step training, free coaching and additional bonuses I only had to pay 49$ and this was backed by a money back guarantee if you decided this system was not for you. So there is really no risk, literally.

The training provided was incredibly informative and absolutely worth the money, not to mention most other online systems will cost you much more, just to get all the information.  The fact that you have coaches as you go is fantastic, any questions you may have along the way are answered instantly.

I would absolutely recommend this training at minimum as it teaches you knowledge you will need to know for any ventures with online marketing and it really breaks it down.

I will say that i have been able to make money already from using this, and think that as I continue to learn skills and techniques my commissions and income will only grow.

Take a second and check out this awesome opportunity! like I said there is a money back guarantee so no risk here.